Excellence Through Training 
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This year's summer project has been one of the most successful yet to the extent it has been 100% oversubscribed.  Sadly we were unable to offer more places due to the combined effects of funding cuts and uncertainty about COVID-19 measures. 

All of the young people enjoyed the project and have learned lots of new skills, especially as due to the funding cuts they have had to repair and make good second hand parts as well as repair some of our paint spraying equipment.

Lots of innovative solutions from the young people and brilliant life skills gained by many. Many thanks to all those who have taken part, they have been an absolute joy to work with.

The project ended with a trip to Revolution Karting in Mile End where participants could experience driving an electric kart to the ones they built which were equipped with 4 stroke petrol engines. The group was split on which were best.  Half the group said they preferred the electric version due to better acceleration.