Excellence Through Training 
Registered Charity Number: 1152580 
Telephone:0207 511 3000

If you are looking for highly motivated young people to help develop your business then you have come to the right place.

Beckton Skills Centre is committed to developing young people to become a valuable member of your workforce.

We have worked hard to develop a training programme which equips young people with a mixture of basic technical skills as well as the right attitude to work. By the end of our programme it is our aim that learners have:

  •     'hard skills' in terms of working safely and using basic tools properly
  •      a positive attitude
  •     'soft skills' such as communication, problem-solving and time management
  •     key qualifications or a commitment to boost their qualifications; and
  •     experience of a range of basic tasks on different vehicles and systems
All learners will commit to a work placement of at least 10 days. Employers are only expected to pay expenses such as food and travel. A member of our team will check on progress at regular intervals and is available for discussion during normal working hours.

At the end of the initial placement period employers can choose to continue the placement for up to 3 months, offer an Apprenticeship or offer full or part-time employment. Alternatively employers might wish to end the placement at which time they could try another learner on placement if they wished.

Please telephone Sheena or Mike on 07484775013